This is the fastest way to reduce strokes in your game, get your putter fit to your size and stroke. Most golfers’ putters have never been fit and this is costing them strokes.
Our fitting Process:

  • Interview the customer regarding their putting issues(long or short, left or right, etc.), existing putter, physical abilities/disabilities and putting stroke/stance preference
  • Evaluate putter loft and lie with Mitchell putter fitting gauge; and evaluate customers stance and hand position on the grip to help determine shaft length and grip size
  • Evaluate customer’s putter and putting stoke on the SAM PUTT Lab system.
  • Information gathered from SAM PUTT Lab enables us to match the precise putter head design and specifications with the customer’s putting stroke. 
  • Information gathered in the steps above will help us match the proper putter with the customer’s needs. We can adjust your current putter to the improved specifications from the fitting process. Kepler’s Golf also offers a wide range of putters with new technology from the leading companies in the industry -Taylor Made, Ping, Odyssey, Cleveland, Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron, PXG, Bobby Grace, Toulon, Seemore and More! What ever choice you make the data from the fitting will improve your roll and consistency on the greens.

Call Kepler’s Golf at 925-932-8179 to set up a putter fitting and start lowering your score.