Anything you want done to your clubs we can do!

We can grip or shaft any or all of your clubs. We also can check and adjust your clubs for loft and lie or for length to maximize your golf game. We also will refinish your club heads to look like new. Along with all of our repair services we can apply the SST PURE® process, Frequency Analyzing, Balance Certified, Foresight QUAD Launch Monitor and Sam Putt Lab Fitting Studio to make your club alteration personally fit to your swing.


Repairs Price List


Shaft Repairs
*Price may change without notice.

    Retail Price
  Install Shaft Iron $22.50
  Install Shaft Bore thru Iron $24.50
  Install Shaft Metalwood $27.50
  Install Shaft Bore thru Metalwood $29.50
  Install Shaft Wood VFT, Titleist $30.50
  Install Shaft Taylor adjustable $32.50
  SST Puring - doesn't include install $29.50
  Reset Shaft Iron or Metalwood $13.50
  Reset Shaft Bore thru Iron or Wood $15.50
  Turn down ferrule $3.50
  Remove shaft broken at hosel $8.00
  Remove and save shaft $9.00
  Lengthen Club $11.00
  Shorten Club $10.00
  Remove rattle in Shaft $8.50
  Remove Rattle in Head (if possible) $35.00
  Straighten Shaft (if possible) $10.50
  Weight with lead tape $4.50
  Weight in shaft $9.00
  Install Shaft Skin $7.00

Grip Repairs
*Price may change without notice.

    Retail Price
  Save grip (if possible) $3.00
  Save Long/Jumbo Putter Grip $6.00
  Install grip $3.75
  Install Putter Grip $5.00
  Install Long/2 piece Putter Grip $6.50
  Save grip and install $5.00
  Save & Install Jumbo/Long putter $8.50
  Build up existing grip $5.50
  Wrap grip on underlisting $9.00

Loft & Lie
*Price may change without notice.

  Irons $6.50
  Putters $13.50
  Hybrids $15.00
  Driver & Fairway $20.00
  Check loft & lie no bend $3.00

Refinish and Misc.
*Price may change without notice.

    Retail Price
  Texture Face $14.00
  Custom Sole Grind $18.00
  Sharpen Iron Groove & Texture $20.00
  Clean Up Iron - Steelwool, Wirebrush $8.50
  Clean Up Metalwood or Wooden head $37.50
  Rewhipping wooden head club $10.00
  Refinish Wooded Club $90.00
  Refinish Metal Wood $75.00
  Paint Line on putter $18.00
  Refinish Iron or Putter Call for Price