Every golfer wants to drive the golf ball longer and straighter. The goal for Kepler’s golf fitters is to get the perfect driver head with the correct shaft, along with the proper specifications. Your new driver will give more confidence off the tee.

Our fitting process:

  • Interview and ask questions of our customers throughout the fitting process regarding their golf game, existing clubs, physical abilities/disabilities and goals for their golf game.
  • Evaluate your current drivers specifications -head( Size, loft, face angle and weight distribution),  shaft (weight, flex/frequency, flex point, torque and length) and grip(size, material and weight)
  • Measurement of customer’s static sizing: height, wrist to floor measurement, overall hand size and finger length. This information will begin to assist us in identifying the proper length  and grip size for the customer
  • We will us a high tech launch monitor to evaluate the performance of our customer’s existing club to gather necessary data (ball speed, club speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, direction, etc.) to determine what changes need to be made to enhance the performance of their own driver or to select the best new driver with the best shaft.
  • With the information gathered we will select shafts and heads for our customers to use on the launch monitor to help improve the data on the launch monitor to increase the customer’s accuracy and distance.  This information will include the appropriate shaft weight, flex, flex-point, torque ratio, shaft construction, length, head type, face angle, weight distribution and loft. We will continue to evaluate different club and shaft options until the best club configuration is achieved
  • Once we have the best results from the launch monitor we will finalize all of the specifications, Kepler’s Golf offers and works closely with all of the current club manufacturers (Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Tour Edge, PXG, Wilson and More!) to have your club built to the proper specifications. In many cases we will use our club building expertise and our large selection of shafts to build your club.  Call Kepler’s Golf at 925-932-8179 to make an appointment for your custom driver fitting, to help improve your game today!