Welcome to Kepler's Golf Repair

Kepler's is a family-owned business, and we take great pride in our work and customer service. We've been here since 1978, and our experience shows.

When you step through the Kepler's door, you enter a comfortable close-knit shop, where we really do get to know your name. Our goal is to help you improve your golf game, and to give you a friendly place in which to do business.

We promise expert advice based on our experience and continuing education in the latest technologies and diagnostics, fittings and repairs. We don't just sell you a club or a new set of clubs. We get to know you: your grip, your swing, your game and your goals. And we offer you a level of personal attention and expert high-tech service that's hard to find today.


As the game of golf has evolved, and the nature of customizing, fitting and diagnostics have evolved, so have we. Maintaining our friendly, intimate shop, while incorporating high-tech tools to help us help you, is our goal. We're going to give you the best fitting club for the greatest value - and by the way, we have clubs for all ages and types of swings.

Whether you're just getting started in the game of golf, or you're working to improve your game, we're here to help you enjoy your game of golf with exceptional service and products. At Kepler's, that's all part of the deal.

See for yourself why Kepler's is the golfer's choice for fittings, custom clubs and repairs.

"Come in, shake hands and let's get started" -- Bill Kepler